Multilayer cosmetics plastic storage box 03

This product to be introduced today is our new product. It has a beautiful appearance and strong practicality. Let me introduce this product in detail.

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This is our company's new product. The appearance is beautiful and practical. Women customers should look at it quickly. You will like this product. Next, I will introduce this product to you in detail. This is a cosmetic storage box specially designed for women. I believe many customers have the trouble that cosmetics are difficult to store and messy to place. This product will solve this problem for you. It has the characteristics of large capacity grid design, which can make your dresser clean and tidy. This multi-layer cosmetic design can accommodate more cosmetics. The product has a multi-layer drawer design, and customers can choose the number of drawer layers in different layers according to their own needs. The top storage box adopts ladder design, with reasonable functional area division and clear hierarchy. There are also large and small grids, which can be used for the storage of lipstick, nail polish and other small items. The big box can be used to place foundation make-up, cakes and other large cosmetics. Very convenient overall. Because it is designed for women, considering that women prefer beautiful appearance, we have designed three particularly beautiful colors, namely magic powder, crystal blue and moonlight gray. At the same time, we also designed large and small sizes, so customers can purchase according to their own needs. The raw materials used are healthy and green PP raw materials, which are beneficial to human health. For the convenience and safety in the use process, we have also designed anti-skid buckle, which can effectively prevent the drawer from falling suddenly. I believe that many customers should think that this product can fully solve your problems! Thanks for reading this article,we are appreciating for your letter,and we will offer you our best service.This chair is one of our hot sale products and I believe that if you know more about our company,you will feel more interested in our product.We are looking forward to your letter.Wish you have a great day!

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