Multifunctional plastic combination cat bowl

Welcome customers to check this new product of the Pet Bowl, which is a new product of our company's pet series. It has many functional features. Let me introduce it in detail.

Products Details

First of all, this pet bowl has three main features. It can hold water, solid food and liquid food at the same time, making the cat digest more slowly and better when eating. A variety of food options are available, and you can drink water after eating. It is particularly convenient to not prepare more bowls for cats. This product is designed with a 15 ° angle, making it easier for cats to eat. With automatic running water replenishing design, cats can always have water to drink. If you want to keep food warm, you can put some hot water under the stainless steel bowl for heat preservation. It adopts a slow eating design. When cats eat, they can eat slowly to promote digestion. Compared with the ordinary cat bowl, this combination bowl can only be eaten by cats every 15-30 minutes, which is more scientific and healthy. There are also different bowls to choose according to the needs of cats. For example, if a big cat needs to eat more, he can choose a big bowl. 304 stainless steel material is easy to clean without rust. The stable structure will not be damaged by cats. Healthy PP raw material is used, which has no effect on cat health. At the same time, a variety of colors are designed for customers to choose. If you are interested in this product, please come to inquire. Thank you for watching. We look forward to hearing from you. Hope you have a wonderful day.

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