6201 Opening plastic convenient cat litter basin

Dear customers, this product is the litter basin of our company's new pet series. This litter basin is very beautiful in appearance and very large in capacity.Let me introduce this product to you in detail.

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This product is very suitable for customers with pets at home. Next, I will introduce this product in detail. First of all, the cat bedpan is a semi closed design, which not only ensures the ventilation problem, but also fully ensures that the litter will not splash. The overall design style is very suitable for customer needs. The raw material used for this product is PP thickened raw material with beautiful appearance and large capacity. It can be used by large cats. After our test, even 25kg cats can use this litter basin with very large capacity. Therefore, if customers have large and small cats at home, they can use this litter basin. The cat litter basin is 505MM long, 345MM wide and 186MM high, which will not occupy a large space in the home as a whole. The overall appearance is very beautiful. In order to prevent the cat litter from splashing after going to the toilet, our heightening treatment can fully solve this problem. A special cat foot pad is designed to make it more convenient for cats to go to the toilet and have a place for their hands and feet. It is also equipped with a special shovel that can bear large weight and a special shovel hook, which is convenient and does not need to be placed anywhere. The most important thing is that the bottom of the trash can is very smooth, because the materials it uses make it easy to clean, especially convenient. The customer does not have to worry about the problem of dirty pots. In order to meet the needs of customers, we also designed a variety of colors for customers to choose. Thanks for reading this article,we are appreciating for your letter,and we will offer you our best service.This chair is one of our hot sale products and I believe that if you know more about our company,you will feel more interested in our product.We are looking forward to your letter.Wish you have a great day!

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