2221-2222 Practical slow drop multifunctional plastic sanitary bucket

Welcome customers to watch. This time we want to introduce our new cleaning products. Its appearance is very beautiful and noble. Next, I will introduce this product to you in detail.

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We designed this product in two different sizes and four different colors. Customers can choose the size they want to buy according to where they want to put it in the bedroom, kitchen or bathroom, and can choose the corresponding color according to their home environment or other needs, which is convenient for matching. Small size is suitable for bedroom, while large size is suitable for bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. I believe this reference will make it easier for customers to choose the size and color of products. This product adopts the new technology of hydraulic damping, so that the cover can be closed slowly when it is closed, reducing the impact sound and almost no noise. I believe this is a feature that most customers like. The respirator is designed with carbon fiber, which is beautiful and feels good, and is not easy to scratch or get dirty. Innovative pocket hole design makes it easy to fix the garbage bag. The product has a handle design, which is more convenient for dumping or cleaning. PP raw material is used, which is environmentally friendly and has no peculiar smell and is not easily affected by moisture and corrosion. Therefore, it also applies to bathrooms and bathrooms. The cover design can effectively prevent odor and odor floating. The bag is very tight and not easy to fall off. It adopts layered design and is very sanitary. The pedal design also meets the customer's needs. It can be opened immediately after stepping on it. It is very fast. Combined with the advantages introduced above, it is very convenient and effective to meet the needs of customers. Thank you for reading this article, thank you very much for your letter, we will provide you with the best service. This chair is one of our best-selling products. I believe that the more you know about our company, the more interested you will be in our products. We look forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day!

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